Easy Hacks to Beat the Casinos at Their Own Game

The Holy Grail and the million-dollar question: how the hell can you cheat your way to a successful playing career inside a casino? Here we look to alleviate some of the pressure and give you a look at possibilities of gaining advantages and increasing the number of times you win from within the casino.

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How to Be Successful Through Gambling

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Success only requires a few tools:

  • Patience.
  • Time.
  • Access to free games.
  • Access to an online casino.

There are a number of basic tips which we will go over. We will end with the more complex hack that really demands your patience as a player.

The reals are ways of creating advantages, but you have to bear in mind, that the majority of the time playing is not about outdoing the casino but gaining an advantage over other players.

Bonuses and jackpots are all there to be won, your battle is not against the casino but those trying to win it prizes before you.

Through heightened knowledge of how a casino works and how games function, you will be in a better position to outplay your rivals and steal the bigger wins before them.

Basic Tips for Beginners

Firstly, let us dispel a few myths that other guides would profess to work in your favour.

Even though playing online is exclusive, card counting is not going to work. There are far too many decks to calculate and adjustments to a dealer’s deck will change randomly with new ones supplied.

Placement on a live table, as to where your site doesn’t work online, so pop that idea, basically, every known cheat inside a land-based casino will not work inside the realm of an online platform.

1 - Programming: slot machines and virtual games are built with algorithms.

These are susceptible to player influence. They will, however, dictate when you will and won’t win. If you play with smaller wagers you land more wins, though minor. Play higher and your wins are fewer yet greater. These are the facts and remember is how the casino makes their money.

2 - Slot developers.

In short, there are those which make their games with high volatility and those with less, the higher, the harder, the lower the better. Do not base the likelihood of a win on the RTP percentage, it means nothing in this case.

These two components make for the first tip; study and analyse. Learn which programs are best profitable and which developers make them. By accessing free games, you can learn all about the ways they can be won. You want to form a trusted bond between you and the game, know when it will pay and when it will dip in form. Learn what wagering amounts are best to see a profit increase, not just how many times it lands a win.

3 - Know your enemy.

if your casino is open to a more global market, then you will have members online 24/7. Find a casino that tailors only to your country and those in the same time-zone. Play in the quietest hours. Mornings 6 am to 9 am, Fridays and Saturdays from 10 pm to 1 am.

4 - Only play popular games.

If you think that because no-one players the older games, it gives you more chance, then this is incorrect. The more popular a game is the more likely it will payout frequently. It’s all down to the money put in that trigger the algorithms to payout at the right time.

Professional Strategies to boost your winnings

This is an insight into how games and games work together. This is only known by the developers and the casino, so this is not publicly known information, until now.

First, we will explain the inner workings, then explain how to benefit from it.

Beginners’ luck! Guaranteed that if you sign up and play, you land a ‘big win’ within your first 50 spins or deals on a game, why? Beginners’ luck!

However, luck is the wrong word. New players have no data, data is retrieved from games and placed into your management tool, this is controlled by the casino and not player. The tool logs everything! Times you play, games you play, how much you spend, lose, win and everything in between.

Note: play a game and set the wagering level lower than the default. Play one spin, then go back to the game a week later and it will still be at the lower level. Cache data is stored, and it affects everything.

The goal is for the casino and slot to think you are a new player every time you play.

When you sign up, you will have no stored data, play the newest game associated with what you played in the tips above. Each ‘big win’ you claim, or if you win a bonus feature, end and move on, then repeat. Never continue to play after a big win on the same game, the slot is always building data on you. Move onto a new game until you cease playing or have seen a drop in the profit you’ve made till now.

Log out of the app, clear your browser history, delete your cache and cookies. Uninstall the app if need be and wait 30 days. During this time the casino should run the same cleaning process to clean our faults and bugs. Re-install, and repeat the playing process.

You can thank us later!